NBA 2K19 LOCKER CODES Xbox one, Xbox 360

The most awaited virtual video game is NBA 2K19 for the basketball enthusiast’s, which is set to release on 19th September 2018. The NBA 2k provides realistic virtual basketball experience in all the gaming platforms such as Xbox One and Xbox 360. The game becomes more captivating if you can manage to get free VC (virtual currency), diamond players, level ups, and player packs. The NBA 2K19 locker codes are the answer to your wishes. These locker codes can be generated without spending a single penny and are customized to enhance the gaming experience. By following few simple steps we can generate locker codes which are genuine and authentic to use to unravel the mystery of NBA 2k19 virtual gaming world.

Why NBA 2k19 Locker code important?

NBA 2k19 locker code is imperative as it opens a plethora of opportunity for the virtual basketball players without spending your hard earned money. Else you have to purchase various gaming features and VC which are required to progress in the game.NBA 2k19 free locker codes are easily accessible only via generators. The generators are the only medium to get such codes in order to gain momentum in the virtual video game world.

Highlights of NBA 2K19 Locker Codes:

  • Locker Codes act as a virtual currency which is series of codes for the entire NBA 2K series.
  • Locker Codes helps to get player cards as well which unlocks various players and enroll them into the game.
  • More you win the matches more are the chances to win the cards and VCs and also multiple gaming items.
  • Locker Codes also reinforce the player’s level in the game and are useful for many other purposes.
  • These codes enhance the player’s attributes and help to accelerate the game.
  • Using locker code enables the player to experience the realistic basketball experience thus escalates the gaming experience.
  • NBA 2k19 locker codes open up a new world of a video game for the basketball lovers with exclusive new features.
  • It will help to unlock the locked content of the game which will otherwise consume ample of time and money.
  • Customized Locker Codes help to get a double bonus for virtual currency.
  • 2k19 locker codes are upgraded and are compatible with all types of gaming consoles.
  • The Locker Codes and the generators are absolutely safe and ensure safety for your gaming account as they are proxy protected and tested.
  • Locker code generators also provide free codes for all major consoles such as for Xbox One and Xbox 360.
  • There is no need to pay and play. It is absolutely free to generate locker codes from the generator.
  • In order to avail the benefits just key in your desired number of VC on generator page and be ready to enjoy the game.

NBA 2k19 Highlights:

NBA 2k19 locker codes can be used with NBA 2k19 series virtual video game and are compatible with Xbox one and Xbox 360 and with various other platforms. NBA 2k19 is an upcoming series which will be launched shortly with multiple exciting features such as:-

  • Trading of superstars will become easy for players. It will no longer be difficult to trade one top player for 3.
  • The difficult levels will be upgraded and are expected to be improved.
  • Face scanning feature is expected to be modified one as it is disappointing to use this feature in cell phones with the previous series.
  • “The Plot in My Career Mode” is not appreciated by many users and the developers of the game have been requested to skip this option.
  • The NBA 2k19 is expected to provide two jerseys for the players who are relocated.
  • Also, the hard earned jerseys and banners are expected to be hanging in the team stadium as a long lasting memory.
How does the NBA 2K19 generator work?

The NBA 2k19 generator is simple to use. Let’s find out how it works?

  • Click on the option “GENERATE YOUR LOCKER CODE” on the website, which will redirect you to the next page.
  • Select your console e.g. Xbox One/360 or PC/Mobile or PS3/PS4 etc.
  • Select the VC denomination you wish to avail or you can select diamond player code.
  • Verify yourself as Human by completing a captcha code.
  • Finally, click on Generate button.
  • On the next page, before NBA 2K19 locker code is made available to you, you might have to complete a survey which hardly takes a couple of minutes to complete and is free of cost.
  • Once you have completed your task without any hindrance you can avail your free NBA 2K19 locker code.
  • The Locker Code sometimes is displayed on the screen or emailed to your registered email account.
How to redeem the Locker Code?

Now you have received your Locker Code your next step is to redeem the available code. Simply sign in to your console and launch the game and follow the below steps in order to activate your Locker Code.

  • Create an account if you don’t have one.
  • Now go to the main menu select “Option” or “Features”.
  • Under the option “Feature” or “Option” you will find “Locker Codes” option.
  • Enter the Locker Code to unlock the benefits you wished for NBA 2K19.

The NBA 2k19 locker codes are compatible with Xbox One and Xbox 360. So NBA fans don’t get disappointed with upgraded and upcoming 2K19 as it works perfectly with all major consoles. These high-end consoles not only makes the game entertaining but are the perfect platform for NBA 2K19. The generator offers distinct codes for different consoles such as Xbox One, and Xbox 360 etc. Extracting the locker codes is simple and hassle free just click on the “GET LOCKER CODE” and following few simple steps which will lead you to access the code and you can reap the code benefits. Beware of fabricated websites which promise to provide you locker codes. Do not make payment to any website in order to retrieve locker codes for NBA 2k19 neither reveal your personal information. Be safe, secure and wise. Happy gaming!