NBA 2k19 locker codes PS3, PS4

Ever since its establishment in the year 1999, the NBA 2k Series has taken the gaming world by storm with its innovative and exciting game features and life like animations. The latest edition, the 19th in the series, is all set to release in the month of September in 2018. Like its predecessors, this game will also be available for playing in multiple game consoles which includes the Play Station 3 (PS3) and the Play Station 4 (PS4).

Are you geared up to battle your way to the top in this new edition? All you need is the thirst to win and play a lot of basketball games on your gaming console and of course the most important of all, the locker codes that will guarantee an easy victory to you.

What are these locker codes?

Well, if you have been playing this game for long, you would be quite familiar with what these locker codes pertain to. But if you are new to the virtual basketball games in NBA 2K and this is going to be your first attempt to try your hand in virtual basketball, then here is a snapshot on what to expect.

NBA 2K games are known for their uncanny resemblance to real life basketball games and they come with different modes to keep the players excited all through. You have options to play with any favorite player of basketball in the virtual world or you can create a player all by yourself from the scratch.

Now let us get onto the subject of locker codes. These are simple alphanumeric codes that are awarded from time to time by the game or through a promotional offer or discount by the company (2K sports) to the gamers. These codes can help you with a lot of VC, the virtual currency in the game, which can in turn help you to better the game play and improve your gaming experience noticeably.

Why do you need locker codes?

As mentioned above, the locker codes provide you with the option to get your hands on the virtual currency, shortly referred to as the VC. The VC is the main game currency in any of the NBA 2K series games and it helps you to load yourself with the required game moves and player cards as per the need of the hour. In fact, some of the games and a few tournaments will also need you to spend some VC to get in.

As you can see the VC is of utmost importance and that is why the locker codes are quite inevitable in the NBA 2K19 games.

So how do you get these locker codes?

Whether you have a PS3 or a PS4 console you can easily get these locker codes in two ways,

  1. One through continuous playing and of course winning your matches.
  2. Through deals and offers provided by the 2K sports from time to time.

The other way is also to use real money to get your hands on the much needed virtual currency in the game.

While the first two options don’t require money, they definitely require your time and effort and also a lot of luck, (for the second option). When 2K sports declares codes, it may not always be for all consoles and you may or may not get locker codes for PS3 or PS4.

Of course, there is always the online locker codes generator which is making huge news for getting free locker codes, unlimited number of times, for any amount of VC, from anywhere which can be used for this purpose.

What are these locker codes generators?

As you can infer from the game, these are generators, or bunch of programs which works through a glitch in the gaming system to get you the locker code which has not been used so that you can play without fear of losing money. The generators are available in both online browser and downloadable versions and you can use any as per your convenience. However, an online generator is much preferred by many for it means that there are not many risks to your device or your details.

Another reason to use this generator is that there is no money involved in running it and neither does it require you to be a computer whiz. All you need to do is click a few buttons, choose the VC, complete human verification and you will have the locker codes that can be easily redeemed online from the game itself.

With the locker codes available to you for the required number of VC, you don’t have to worry about having to manage with existing features of the player but rather upgrade yourself to a better level and have a much fairer playground.

How to redeem the locker codes that you have thus gained?

Like the generation of the locker codes, the redemption of them in your game is also quite simple. Here are the step by step instructions on how to do it on your Play station consoles.

  • Log into your game console (PS3 or PS4) and load the game and launch it.
  • Now go to the “My Player” account and check for features in the main menu.
  • Under features, you will have another option by name Codes.
  • Once you click on that, you will be asked to enter the locker code.
  • Enter your locker code and you will immediately see the required VC getting credited into your account.

If in case, you don’t see an immediate credit, just log out of the game and re-launch it. You will be able to see the credit immediately in your account. Now you can use this credit to buy any new features or players for your team.

While generators might seem like a good option to get your locker codes for no fee and with nil effort, you need to be wary while using them. Be wise and careful when sharing information and ensure that you are always protected and enjoy the game!