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NBA 2K19 locker codes

The NBA 2K19 is probably the most awaited game of this season, especially for those who love sporting games or love basketball. The game is set to hit the stores in the month of September of this year (2018). And like with every edition your way ahead in this game can be easily paved if you have the necessary upgrades and features or in simple words, you have the locker codes.

NBA 2K18 locker codes

What are these locker codes for NBA 2K19 ?

If you have been a follower of the NBA 2K game series or if you have been playing the game for many seasons now, then you would be well aware of the what locker codes are and how they can simply turn the game in the favor of its owner. Be it your wish to customize the way your player looks or plays, or you want to get an equipment or you want to get a new player, anything can be made possible with the presence of these locker codes.

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But are these readily available to you?

How to use the NBA 2K19 locker codes generator?

The NBA 2K19 locker codes generator is extremely simple and easy to use. Given below are the simple instructions that can lead you to your destination.

  • The website for the NBA 2K19 locker code generator can be easily reached through the link provided in this page.
  • Once you have reached the link, you will have to first choose the console on which you play the game. Please note that the program and the algorithm will slightly vary from console to console and it is highly important therefore to pick out the right console.
  • Now you will have the options to choose the VC amount for which you need to generate the locker code. It can be anywhere from 5000-100000. Now here you also have the option to get a diamond player locker code. So you can either choose a locker code for the VC or go for the one that unlocks a diamond player.
  • The generator will then sift through multitude of locker codes in the game server and provide you with the one that is not yet used and is 100% genuine as well.
  • The locker code will be partially revealed for you have to complete one more step to get it fully revealed to you. You need to verify that you are indeed human.
  • After the completion of this final step, you will see the complete locker code in front of you on the computer screen. Just note it down and then use it for bettering your game experience in NBA 2K19.

Unfortunately, you don’t get them easily and you don’t get them for free. You really need to compete and play well through the multiple games in the series to ensure that you come across a few of these locker codes and yet you may not know how beneficial what you find would be to you. Apart from playing games, you can also get these locker codes through other forums where the company, 2K sports issues them to the gamers online. The 2K sports is the company behind the NBA 2K series of games and they offer promotional deals and other seasonal offers which include these most sought after locker codes as part of them.

Now you probably think it should be easy to get them. Well, again sorry to break your bubble, but these promotional events and special discounts come very rarely. And when they do come, it is not necessary that you win the locker codes that will unlock what you need.

Additionally, these locker codes have an expiry tag. Yes, you can keep them unused for long, but you can use them only once to redeem against your purchase or to unlock a feature. Once used, they are as good as expired locker code to anyone. This means that getting a single locker code , once in a blue moon, is definitely not going to make gaming easy for you.

There is no need to get disheartened though for we bring to you the most exciting offer that will not fall out any time soon and that will last for the entire duration the game stays alive in the gamers world. Yes, we bring the latest Locker code generator which will work on the upcoming NBA 2K19 game.

Are you excited? Well, so are we. Join us while we take you on a tour on what this generator can do and what you can gain from it.

What is so special about these locker code generators?

You might wonder on what is the deal with these locker code generators that has got many of the NBA 2K fans excited. You might even wonder, that the locker code you get from this generator can be used only once like all other locker codes, and so what is exciting about it.

It is true that the locker codes that you generate from this generator can be used only once. But, you can run this generator as many times as you want and enjoy unlimited locker codes in hand which you can redeem one by one at your convenience.

Isn’t that a sweet deal?

What goes into these 2K19 locker code generators?

The main objective and motive behind the creation of this generator is the need to level the playing field in the game where everyone has every advantage. That way, we can ensure that only the truly skilled player comes out as the winner.

The NBA 2K19 locker code generator has been designed by programmers who are not just adept at programming and computers but who are also very adept in gaming like you and me. The program has been tested effectively by hundreds of beta testers to ensure its efficiency before it has been rolled out into the crowd.

Now do you know how it works? The NBA 2K19 locker code generator searches the game server through a loophole and combs through the thousands of locker codes in the database. It then searches and picks up those locker codes which haven’t been used till now and ensures that the same is retrieved for you. By taking the locker codes from the game server directly, it is assured that the locker codes that you receive are 100% genuine and they are 100% effective too. Moreover the transaction on your account is made to look genuine as you would only be redeeming the locker code and nothing more.

What about the risks?

That is a question that any sane person will definitely ask. Let us alleviate your worries on any possible risk in using the NBA 2K19 locker codes generator.

  • The first possible risk that one might have when using this generator is the possibility of someone hacking into your bank account or use your personal information to make fraudulent transactions. Now this is a baseless worry with the NBA 2K19 locker codes generator for there isn’t any kind of personal or private information taken from you during the usage of the generator.
  • The next risk lies in possibly downloading a software which could be dangerous to your device. Again, the risk is alleviated if you are using an online generator. The NBA 2K19 locker codes generator comes in both online and downloadable options. While both work fine, using the online version will keep you safe from the possibility of any virus in your device. And yet, if you want to use the downloadable version, you can always do it from a different system and not on your main device to keep safe just in case.
  • Since you are not giving any bank information or your card details, there is no risk or worry of your account getting debited at any future date for any amount either.

What are the main features of the NBA 2K19 locker codes generator?

The NBA 2K19 locker codes generator comes with many varying options and features that make it more endearing to the basketball gamers in the virtual world. Some of them would be,

  • No cost: There is absolutely no cost involved at any stage of running the generator. Neither does it charge you a fee nor does it need you to provide any banking information. It is absolutely free of cost which makes this deal on locker codes even sweeter.
  • No ban: The next biggest aspect is that the algorithm used n the building of this generator doesn’t just look for possible locker codes but it also has the program to keep yourself from getting detected by the game server. This way, you can be rest assured that there is no knife of ban hanging over your head as the generator hacks into the game server.
  • Fast performance: The tool works in only couple of minutes. We know how much you want to get back to your game and we don’t want to spoil your time by waiting for too long. The locker codes will be generated and displayed on the screen in a matter of couple of minutes. Sometimes it might be slightly delayed by a few minutes owing to overload on game server, but the wait time is always in minutes.
  • Easy to use: For a generator that has thousands of lines of complex code in the backend, the interface is pretty simple. All it asks from you is to click on the console you play the game from and then the cash amount for which you need the locker code and then just generate them right on screen. Some of the generators might ask you to provide your game account.
  • Better options: The locker codes are not just random for any amount. You have the option to choose whether you want to use the locker code for a particular amount of VC (Virtual Currency, the game currency in NBA 2K series) or you want to go for a diamond player card. You can do both by running the generator more than once.
  • Highest protection: The generator makes use of the best in-house protection standards for encryption, transmission and receipt of information which means that there is zero possibility of your account getting suspended or you getting caught.
  • Compatibility: Since the game (all the NBA 2K games) can be played across multiple consoles, the generator can also provide you the locker codes for varying consoles as per your requirement. So be it your Xbox or your playstation, let that not deter you from getting your favorite locker codes from this generator.
  • No limitation: There are no limits on the number of times the generator can be run and there are no restriction the amount of VC you select every time.

What should you be wary of?

As we have mentioned before, there are multitude of locker code generators online. While most of them can be genuine, there are some fraudulent sites mixed in with them. It is therefore in your best interests to use a website that is completely genuine. You can decide this by doing a little research. Always be wary of the website that asks for personal information or your bank account details. These are definitely not genuine and you need to steer clear from them.

Locker codes are very essential when you want to play a fair game equipped with all the better features, in a game like that of NBA 2K19. Making them to work for you is all in your hands on how you choose the generator and how you use it.

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With the e-league option also now made available, where one of the best players will be selected to be part of the team playing in the e-league, you definitely don’t want to miss out on every opportunity that comes your way to aid your victory. Enjoy gaming and the world of basketball with the NBA 2K19 locker codes generator for your assistance.